The world keeps turning

October 9th, 2011 in Site, Thoughts

It’s been a busy few weeks for seemingly everyone I know, and quite a lot of people I don’t. It feels strange writing about someone that I didn’t know, but equally it feels strange to write a post this week without at least some mention to the man behind the computer I use every day. MG Siegler’s article here sums up everything I could say on Steve Jobs passing, and shows that so many of us share similar thoughts: the world will miss a man that was just getting into his stride. Apple will live on, but it’s a shame that he isn’t here to enjoy its continued success.

As for me, the project I’m on is speeding onwards and there lots of events to keep me on my toes. I’m still writing articles over at altdevblogaday, and my next post there will take me into double figures. Gamasutra have now reposted 3 of those articles which is very cool, though I still wish they’d let me know so I could join in the comment threads in a timely fashion. I’ve spent a few hours copying them across to this site as well, and I’ve also updated my photography page – ditching the fancy javascript I spent many hours getting to work and going for a simple layout inspired by the recent changes to google’s image search.

Finally, for now, I’ve done what I never thought I would: changed away from the orange links. This, again, is influenced by google but this time the other way round – I have no doubt in my mind that google did not copy my orange colour, but I felt it was time for a change away from it before everyone thinks I copied google.

(note: the image used on this post is by Ron Garan).