The value of money

September 4th, 2011 in News, Thoughts

It’s only been out a few days but already Hog Rocket have lowered the price of Tiny Invaders down to the lowest paying price available on the App Store: just 69p (or $.99 if you’re States side).

This brings up an interesting point about the App store – why does £2.49 feel like a lot of money?  If I’m in a coffee shop I wouldn’t blink twice at paying that for a coffee, let alone walking into a physical Apple Store and spending over £1000 for a laptop (I bought my Air without so much as a whimper).  And I’ll happily buy any of the Hog Rocket team a pint.  Yet seeing that “install” button roll over to “2.49” creates a hang-on-a-sec… reaction.  Why?

I don’t any answers for this and I know I’m not the only one to ask it.  Possibly Apple themselves don’t even know.  But it’s certainly an interesting psychological question.  For now though, relish in the delight that is Tiny Invaders for just 69p – hours of entertainment for less than bag of chips: